Barton Rimathon

Elven farmer


Strength 13 (1)
Agility 8 (-1)
Stamina 8 (-1)
Personality 12 (0)
Intelligence 14 (
Luck 14 (+1)

Hp: 5 Attack bonus: +1 Crit die: 1d6/II AC: 10

Reflex: 0 Fortitude: 0 Willpower: 1

Birth agar: Hawkeye – bonus to missile damage
Occupation: Corn Farmer
Alignment: Neutral
Infra-vision 60ft
Immunity to magical sleep/paralysis
Allergic to iron
+4 to detect hidden doors

Training: Spear(pitchfork), dagger, lance, long bow, javelin, long sword, short bow, short sword, staff, spear, two handed sword

Find familiar
Patron bond (psychic focus): Azwa
Invoke patron (normal)
Animal summoning (Diurnal/nocturnal)
Flaming hands (necrotic drain) (Lucky spell)
Color Spray (sleep of ages)
Force manipulation (planar blink)
Chiseled Physique (normal)

Gear: pitchfork, 3 candles, Long bow + quiver of arrows, spear, Padded armor, Azwa’s Obsidian rapier “Igneous Oblige”

Money: 23cp 1gp

Pet: Bitsy the hen


Barton Rimathon

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