Lord Downall

The Lord of Drains and Floods


To Lord Downall’s worshippers, trash floating by is a holy thing; overflowing gutters instill religious ecstasy; every drain is a “Mouth of Downall.” Drainage ditches in the countryside, sewer inlets in town, rainpipes from rooftops, and huge floods that sweep everything away: all these are holy to Downall. Standing puddles, latrine pits, and other stagnant places are anathema.

Downall worshippers run into the streets during storms, tipping over rain barrels to free the captive water. At times they sabotage dams and reservoirs. Authorities therefore persecute the Downall cult, although areas where the populace accepts him tend to be free from plumbing issues. “All things flow to Lord Downall,” insist his worshippers, often folk with unbearable memories who pray to Downall to wash their pasts away.

His followers can learn the magic user spell Charm Person as a first level spell. Lord Downall is in eternal conflict with the Rat God over dominion of the sewers, and his worshippers kill rats whenever possible. In high rituals, they sacrifice giant rats, ratmen, and wererats, floating their bodies downstream.

Lord Downall

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