Nazar Eskandarian

Former urchin traveling the warrior path


Class: Level 1 Warrior
Occupation: Urchin
Alignment: Neutral
Birth Augur: The bull, Melee attack rolls

STR: 14 MOD +1
AGI: 13 MOD +1
STM: 10 MOD +0
PERs: 12 MOD +0
INT: 6 MOD -1
LUCK: 9 MOD +0

REF: +1 FORT: +1 WILL: +0

Ability: Mighty Deed Of Arms

Deed Die: +d3
Melee Attack Mod: +1
Melee Damage Mod: +1
Ranged Attack Mod: +1
Ranged Damage Mod: +1
Crit Range: 19-20
Speed: 25
Initiative: +2 (Agi and Warrior lvl 1)
Crit Die/Table: 1d12/III
Lucky Weapon: ???

AC 15
HP 13

Weapon Training: Battleaxe, club, crossbow, dagger, dart, flail, handaxe, javelin, lance, longbow, longsword, mace, polearm, shortbow, short sword, sling, spear, staff, two-handed sword, warhammer


  • Brass Rod/Staff taken from “Funnel Event”
  • Scale Mail taken from “Funnel Event”
  • Backpack
  • Candle x 5
  • Torch x 2
  • Crowbar
  • Flask x 1
  • Rations x 7
  • Waterskin x 2
  • Flint & Steel
  • Rope, 50’
  • Short Sword
  • Battleaxe

CP: 48
SP: -
GP: 25
EP: -
PP: -


Nazar’s father was never in his life, he only heard the man was a bit of a scoundrel and got what was coming to him. His mother, on the other hand, was a kind soul that was taken too soon from a sickness. So Nazar was an orphan and had to learn street smarts in his city to survive. You either had to be quick or tough, so he decided to be both. Or at least try to be. He grew up in a decent sized city, always having to dodge city guards and be able to steal your next meal. Or fight someone for it. Either way was alright with Nazar.

Nazar Eskandarian

Sackcloth & Ashes Rew