Sackcloth & Ashes

What does Nazar do...?

After the massive glass slug event and rescuing/recruiting 11 more members to House Bird, Nazar has been thinking on a few topics. Tackling the tower and surrounding threats will be harder than expected! So you must do two things…better your body and better your mind. Also having more members will help with that, too.

So to better one’s body…you just need to put it through trials! Sure, that is what folks said and did in his life before coming to this plane. They would train and show off their feats of strength and other such things by showing them off at street performances or competitions. Juggling, lifting heavy things, running really fast, or else running really far. So perhaps Nazar would encourage others of House Bird to join him in such events, or come up with other ideas. So when not adventuring, in his downtime Nazar would like to train physically. (Mechanically, I am hoping this could eventually boost ability point scores, seeing as the only other way to do so is almost die…and I am trying to avoid doing that)

To better his mind, which is not that spectacular of a specimen, Nazar would ask the more…educated…for some help. Be it basic arithmetic, to other skills like dealing with rope that Nut is always seeming to make more of. Another thing is knowledge of this world and how it works. He would visit pubs and such that other adventuring folks visit so as to pick their brains. Especially folks who are people who run missions to the Tower. Specifically indiciduals whi have made it up to the third level or higher. Things Nazar asks are:

  • What are some of the hardest things you fought?
  • How do you know you made it to a new level of a tower?
  • When the tower changes and you are in it, does it put you to sleep? ALSO! When ao much changes, have you found anything that remains consistent?
  • Has there been any sort of writings or signs while in the Tower to signify its importance? Something to explain it more? Something that may hint or give clues what might be important at higher levels?
  • Issues as to why they could not get any higher? Was it lack of supplies, or enemies were just too hard?
  • And just anything else they can provide for info.
Welcome to Sheol
Some Words of Welcome and Explanation from Master Isabella Bird

The first night after the survivors of that cave climbed out of the canyon (using rope that Isabella had secured to come down the side of the steep walls), Isabella set out some bread and water in the main hall of La Ferme and pointed out a pile of blankets that people would have to use until bunks had been constructed and the bunkhouse repaired.

The next morning, a large meal had been prepared and as everyone sat down to eat, Isabella spoke.

I’m sure you all have many questions; hopefully this will help to answer the bulk of them. As I mentioned before, all of you are dead. This world named Sheol in which we now live is neither Paradise or Punishment, though. It exists as a possibility for redemption for those whose lives on some other plane lacked distinction or fulfillment. It also represents a threat and a last chance to those that continue to live empty lives. I say this because a person’s ownership over their soul in this realm is tenuous: on this plane exist beings that seek to take your very souls as a resource for their own schemes. By dying here, you lose ownership over your future, and your life becomes tied up in the actions and decisions of others.

In order to leave Sheol, it is said that one must prove themselves worthy of a fate of either glory or infamy. Few achieve that goal. I believe, though, that there is another way.

When I arrived in Sheol, I heard tell of ways to travel between the planes. This is something that the greater members of The Pantheon are rumored to do with ease. Rather than toil aimlessly with nothing but hope that some being would take notice of my exertions, I decided to look for a way to move between planes as the gods did. With this goal in mind, I assembled a party and struck out to search far and wide for the means to leave here. Eventually, our renown had grown enough that we could claim some of the power that those gods had, and the members of my party and I ascended to the rank of Master. We decided to form our own Great Houses and continue to work together under the auspices of The Cartographers Guild.

And so, I have recruited all of you to assist me and, in the process, help yourselves. The other members of the Guild and I have decided that the best way to cover as much ground as possible in our search is to divide our resources, and so each of us has focused on one field that we believe has the most promise. I am confident that there is something that can help us inside of The Etemenanki. It is one of the only areas in Sheol where entry is regulated, and further, as a Master, I am no longer afforded entry: powerful magics prevent me from setting foot within it. However, I will continue my search from within Castle Mikra. Perhaps being around the higher deities will shed some light on how to move between realms.

Regardless, you should relax and recuperate today. Get to know one another. You are family now. Starting tomorrow, you will receive instruction from an expert in your chosen vocation, and you will help repair some of the dilapidated buildings on this property so that we can better function, starting with the bunkhouse. Enjoy breakfast, and welcome to House Bird as its founding class.

  • After two weeks, all of you are officially level one of whatever class you chose.
  • All of you also gain proficiency in carpentry from two weeks of non-stop restoration of the bunkhouse, mess hall, and stables on the property. While it isn’t ornate, it is functional and sturdy.
  • Isabella will answer what further questions she is able to answer after her speech, just post them in the comments here.

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