Welcome to our DCC test run.


We'll be doing a typical 0 Level character funnel session for our initial round.  Anyone that ends up with a terrible character from the session will be able to create a new one using an ability score array TBD.

Wiki information will get updated as you encounter it in the world.  As for the world, it will be completely original, so don't spend too much time mining the book for info on Gods, monsters, treasure, or the like.

Expect a low-magic world with a focused main story but plenty of opportunity for side quests if they interest you.

I will be hewing closely to the medieval barter economy described in the text, complete with a tendency for most rewards and loot to be in the form of raw materials rather than finished products.  Magic items will be few and far between, but enhanced mundane items utilizing higher quality raw materials will be able to be crafted. Any non-standard items will be unique with their own set of quirks, pros, and cons.

You will have a compelling reason to work together as a group with common goals and motivations, so don't spend time worrying about that, either.

I'm looking forward to this :)



Sackcloth & Ashes

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